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April 4, 2009

Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera

With the average megapixel rating of today's cameras exceeding 8 and 10, nearly all cameras in this range take quality pictures. The considerations when shopping for your next camera, then, should be about usability, versatility, and price. If you want professional quality pictures and a camera that is easy to use, but don't have a professional's budget, then the Canon Digital rebel XSi is perfect for you.
Nikon offers several models that perform as well as the Canon XSi, but are very expensive and their interactive menus can become quite tedious for the average user. While some of the cameras still on the market are becoming dated, they are still reliable and produce fantastic images. Like the Nikon D70, however, they don't offer sensor cleaning to highlight tone and do not ship with a bundled VR lens. This is basically like buying a 2006 camera in 2009; not a great deal.
The Canon XSi feels right in small hands. Its buttons allow you to make changes quickly and easily, so that the next great picture moment doesn't pass you by. With this camera, you still have to go through menus to adjust the custom white balance and to format the card, while the Nikon D70 has a button for each of those options, but that's a small price to pay for all the added convenience in the Canon XSi.
The Canon XSi's Auto ISO is not as efficient as Nikon's but aside from that, the camera is excellent. It offers an RGB histogram for when you need to clip individual colors, very good skin tones and colors, and little noise as Canon's CMOS sensor is cleaner than Nikon's). The Canon Digital Rebel XSi is a great camera with features you might find in the much more expensive Nikon 40D or Pro 1DS.
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