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January 7, 2009

Canon EOS 450D Digital Rebel XSi Unleashed!

Canon has recently announced the long awaited release of the EOS 450D Digital Rebel XSi. This would be Canons latest onslaught to dominate the entry level digital compact SLR camera category. And, it is a formidable piece of equipment. If this doesn't get the Canon fanboys (and girls) overextending their lines of credit, then nothing will. It may even entice a few Nikon fans. Bold statement yes I know, but lets take a closer look at why the 450D Digital Rebel will be force to be reckoned with in marketplace.
The release of the 450D is basically an upgraded version of the Canon EOS 400D, which was of course an upgrade from the Canon EOS 300D. Being one of the best selling models in the Canon line, a major overhaul would have been crazy on Canons part, both from a sales number perspective, and a user experience perspective. They have however added several smart new features. Not the least of which being Live View.
Coming from the training grounds of point and shoot photography, I always thought it odd, that practically all higher priced digital SLR cameras never had Live View. Something that even the simplest and cheapest point and shoot digital cameras have. Live View basically means being able to use the LCD screen to see what your taking a picture of before you take the picture. Well, that's slowing starting to change. As the defining line between high priced digital SLR and low priced point and shoot blurs, features from each are beginning to cross over. The Canon 450D offers live view with an entry level SLR, much to the chagrin I'm sure of the SLR purists.
As all things in the realm of tech toys, the consumer battle cry of "more! more! more!", has not gone unnoticed by Canon. The 450D Digital Rebel has improved a list of features, including more megapixels (12.2), a larger LCD screen (3 inches), larger viewfinder, longer capacity battery (yea!), and a much more ergonomic battery grip, just to name a few. One surprising change, is that the 450D can use SD and SDHC memory cards. Typically these cards were only used with smaller point and shoot cameras. Canon is obviously recognizing and marketing to the large segment of point and shoot digital compact camera users looking to move up to a SLR.
Last but not least is price. The suggested list price is currently $799 for the body and $899 with the lens kit (also improved). Looking to hit the streets around April 2008. If your reading this after the expected street date, then hey lucky you. The EOS 450D is an amazing camera for sure, but there's never a camera better then the one in your hands right now. See ya, I'm off to take some pictures.
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